Nature and Wildlife...

Surrounded by beautiful countryside and a wide range of wildlife; we regularly see buzzards, kites, deer, pheasant, partridge, foxes, rabbits, owls, squirrels, badgers and a vast array of song birds, especially skylarks which love to over winter in our fields.

Every year in the late spring the swallows start to arrive to nest in the barns as they have done for generations before, the first sight of them swooping down through the yard always means the warm summer weather is not far away.

Cultivating the fields and spreading the compost and digestate nearly always attracts a hive of activity from insect and birdlife, especially the buzzards and kites which can often be seen in the fields when we're spreading. Our soil provides a home to great bio-diversity, a huge number of worms, insects and micro-organisms thrive on the addition of our renewable fetilisers and keep it alive and healthy.

Our local bee-keeper has kept his hives in our fields for many years and the bees love the highly scented bright yellow flowers of the oil seed rape we grow, and over the last decade we have planted many trees and more than 4.5 km of native hedgerows around the farm.